Friday, 2 December 2011

More Footage 2

As we were unable to film some more sample footage on wednesday dude to bad weather conditions we delayed filming to today. We have no completed sample footage 2 and it should be edited and uploaded in the next few days. Franchesca, our female actor playing the girlfriend in out music video was unable to attend filming we decided to replace her with me for this one session. 

As in our previous sample footage involving James, the boyfriend, we used a variety of shot types and took inspiration from the year aboves work last year when after a breakup the female character was spinning around in the street to signify disillusion. We also couldnt get the girl band members to attend as we shot the footage in lesson time so we had to make do with three boys (Jack Margerison as Michelle Williams, Harry Knight as Kelly Rowland and Ollie Moulton as Beyonce Knowles) wich was well interesting but we just shot it to see what they would look like against the white background we intend to use in our music video. Footage is currently being editing by us and will be uploaded shortly.

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