Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Music Video Deconstruction 1: Down with the trumpets - Rizzle kicks

Down with the trumpets released 2011.
Genre: Alternative hiphop.
Good example of use of mise-en-scene, location is constantly being changed throughout the video to keep the audience interested. Director is unknown.
  1. Opening shot, narrative close up of  someone putting a tape into a tape player, camera follws the tape.
  2. straight cut from the tape to a medium shot of the radio/casette player which we now see has a screen on it.
  3. Camera follows the tilted radio and then straight cut or zoom in of it, radio is then picked up camera follows it, panning.
  4. Mid angle and mid-shot, we see some of what is behind the radio, introduction of two band members, background also shows some of the mise-en-scene lots of posters on the wall carrying connotations of a boys bedroom (5 seconds)
  5. Same kind of shot although the location has changed to a beach kind of festival location.
  6. Radio is then put down and band members turn around and the camera follws them before another change in location this time to an estate to appeal to the youth/teen audience.
  7. Low angle shot pans up from the ground to the boys, showing the radio is not actually plugged and them wearing trainers.
  8. Slight elements of performance passers by dancing, makes the video quite funny and not boring for the audience to watch if the song becomes more popular.
  9. Mid long shot of passers by kids on scooters, rewinding of the shots to go with the beat of the music, sounds dj like.
  10. Band members dressed in youth atire such as baseball caps trainers and hoodies alkthough they challenge this by dealing trumpets not drugs.
  11. Joke around sucj the trumpet and falls back onto the grass like he would if you were drunk,smoking or high which is what people generalise all teens ans interested in doing.
  12. Repeats previous shots to go with the screeching of the record player

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  1. Very interesting vid: highly postmodern.
    Good denotation, tho you could go further with the analysis/connotations (+comparisons). See the layout of the exemplars on my blog, or look at Rob's as a good example:

    14 more to go before we return!



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