Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Music Video Deconstruction 7: I Miss You - Blink 182.

Blink 182 an american pop/punk band has three members a guitarist, vocalist and drummer and have sold 27 million albums worldwide to date and their song 'All the small things' (great song!) became the highest charted song of the bands' career and reached number 6 on the billboard hot 100. The song was released back in Februrary 2004 as an alternative rock song. The video director was Jonas Akerlund.

1. Opening shot high angled long shot of a castle blue tint is used during the flashes of lightning (use of effects) straight cut to a medium shot of a statue in the grounds of the castle amongst trees effects have also been used her which we can see by the fog floating into the view of the statue.
2. There is then a medium shot of a woman dressed in all white and very light blonde hair to signify she is an agle later anchored by the lyrics 'the angel from my nightmare' mist effect is also applied here before the close up of the angel turns her head and there is a low angled long shot of her walking down some steps in the gardens before she disintergrates and becomes invisible on screen.
3. The band appear for the first time on scrren at 0:09 from the distance walking inot the shot to make it a low angled medium shot. The angel then reappears turning her head towards a room in the house and then the band appear inside the house on a stage set up in a long three shot, each memeber of the band has their own close up (a key charcteristic of bands music videos)
4. A woman then appears at the gate of the castle opening the gates as if she is being attracted to the music coming from the castle (long shot cut to a medium) her red gloves signifying she is the lost dead lover the song is about.
5. High angled close up of the band (long shot) is shown to show the mise-en-scene of the music video and give futher anchorage it is fiolmed in a castle shown by the chandleir and old lights and candles give horror references to abandonment.
6. Chinese doll charcaters appear on the stairs in the room in which the band are playing with mise-en-scene such as outfit choices (red lipstick, dark eye make up and odd clothing) giving references again to horror films such as 'Slashers' 'Childs play' and 'Dead silence'
7. The track begins at 0:32 and dual shots fading in and out come in of the band and what is going on around them in the house aswell as eachother and hemselves when one of the members is singing he fade appeas on the opposite side of the screen
8. There is a medium shot of a red rose raising from the bottom to the top of the screen before a medium shot of the girl is shown, face down in a lake the shot then zooms out into a long shot before a close up of the rose is shown floating to the service of the water.
9. All band members feel like they are competing for close up and inbetween them there is footage of the house and close up of the instruments being played such as the guitar and drums and bass.
10. There is a two shot (medium) of two people sat by the fire holding hands, they wear black and white face paint holding hands and stroking eachothers arms. The narrative has been about the couple and it is obviously a flashback of the couple before the woman drowned hence the tittle i miss you.
11. The lyrics we can live like jack and sally if you want are intertexual and again a reference to the film Nightmare Befoe Christmas 'who are described to be connected by the desire of having something more in life and are drawn to eachother'

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