Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Music Video Deconstruction 8: Rolling in the deep - Adele

Adele released her first album 19 (after her age at the time) which debuted at number 1 and was later certified 4x platinum in the UK, she went on to release her second album 21 two years later which has been certified 10 times platinum and spent eleven weeks at number 1 album in the Uk beating Madonna in 1990. Her latest success 'Someone like you' held number one spot for four consecutive weeks in the UK. 'The Official Charts Company announced that Adele is the first living artist to achieve the feat of two top five hits in both the Official Singles Chart and the Official Albums Chart simultaneously since The Beatles' The track was released November 2010 with a soul/blues genre. It was directed by Sam Brown

 1. Opening shot is a medium shot of Adele sat in a vintage chair in what looks like an old living room or house she used to live in signified by the covers over the chair and darkness of the room (very slight track in)
2. Black and white shot of a figure standing in a big room with plastic sheeting against either side of the wall (again slight track in)
3. Back to first shot of her in the chair (medium) the track comes in at this point and zooms in to her face.
4. Change of angel she is now face on to the camera showing the rest of the room she is in mise-en-scene is plastic sheeting, bright white industrial looking lighting from above which then cuts to a low angled shot from on the floor looking through banisters of stairs which quickly cuts into a close up of her face signiture eyeliner and false eyelashes are on which she wears in all her videos  
5. Medium close up of lots of glasses of water in which the water starts to bounce as the drums come into the song zooms out and the close up and tracks across showing the mass of glasses.
6. Adele remains sat down and there is alot of cross cutting between her and a man in a black cape that is in a big room with white powder on the floor which he pushes around with a cane, upsetting the peace.
7. There is then a long shot tracking in to a medium of smashes crocery on the floor in a massive pile which cuts back to adele signifies she did it after a fall out with her partner meanwhile the man in the cape has now nearly been lost in a white mist. Cross cutting adele with what else is going on we see that someone threw the crockery at a panel and they all smashed in a pile.
8. The beat from the drums and the voice of the backing singers shakes the water in the glasses shown in a long shot that zooms out into an extreme long shot showing the glasses surrounding pillars in the downstairs of the house.
9. We are then shown the man who is palying the drums which tracks out inbetween some cross cuts back to Adele that the light above him is flickering on and off signifying the idea of the song that the man she thought she was in love with got involved with her too quickly and couldnt decide whether he wanted to persue it anymore she is describing what they could of had togather if they were in love.

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