Saturday, 3 September 2011

Music Video deconstruction 3: Whos laughing now - Jessie J

Released August 2011.
Jessie J is one of the newest female solo artists and has already had her first number one with the song Price Tag featuring BoB. The song was rleeased in August 2011 as a pop/hiphop track although the director is unknown.

  1.   Opening shot is a high angled shot of the school looking up and focusing on the clock as its in the centre of a long shot, the school bell goes off which also signifies the beginning of the song
  2. Straight cut into POV shot of a girl walking down the corridoor stereotypical nerd/geek as all the other girls are wearing pink and look pristine. Tracks to the right to show a girl clique starring at the main girl and talking and pointing as she walks past, medium shot.
  3. Narrative up to this point when the camera tracks back to the 'geeks' face (wearing black and a rucksack) and we see she is a minature look alike of Jessie J with black shiny hair.
  4. Straight cut to a classroom medium long shot showing the class and all the other kids are talking shes just sat there quietly no friends, they bully her 'hey jessica you look like an alien' because she isnt wearing what they are wearing and appars to be different which everyone knows people dont like, she is a countertype of your typical girl of the age she is challenging the norm (probably about 7 or 8)
  5. Goes into a close up of the 'geeks' face she was looking down she moves her head up to look forward which goes hand in hand with the lyrics 'Oh so you think you know me now' The real Jessie J appear and is hiding begind a desk signifying vulnerability.
  6. Straight cut onto another kid with a bright blue mohawk (medium shot), signifying individuality often uncommon at a young age
  7. Straight cut to a childs stereotypical view of a teacher looks miserable, asleep on the desk wearing glasses and a strange suit anchoring the lighheartedness of the video and child like connotations. Then there is a repeat of the previous close up of the 'geek' raising her head on the same lyric as before.
  8. The concept of the video is childish but the lyrics show that its personal to the artist as the girl looks and acts like her herself and shes saying the lyrics with the attitude you would expect. The ideo that people she was at school with speak to her and try and be friends with her only now because shes famous and she uses the video to get back at them eg 'whos laughing now' and 'but thankyou for the pain it made me raise my game'
  9. The shot moves back to the close up of her again and the the camera tracks up and follows her out of the room, she then goes around the school destroying things eg. Close ups of knocking over artwork, throwing jelly at the dinner lady etc. She also smacks the lockers as she walks past potentially signifying that violence is associated with children?
  10. Lip syncing comes in at 01:27 and she is stood infront of the hollywood sign signifying she is mimicking the people that used to bully her and showing what she has now the tables have turned since they were bullying her now they want to be friends with her because shes famous.
  11. Long shot goes into a medium shot when shes in a black room with white papers falling down on her while she is doing the whole 'cutesy lip syncing'
  12. Jessie J features throughout just having staright cuts to her from the other girl pretending to be her at school
  13. Of course the protagonist gets their victory and sprays the fire extinguisher at the clique that have been bullying her while is the longest shot and tracks across too see all of them getting sprayed while the rest of the class are watching. Goes into a close up of the boy with the blue hair highlighting individuality.

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