Thursday, 8 September 2011

Music Video Deconstruction 11: Glad you came - The Wanted

The Wanted are a new popular boy band that got together in 2009 consisting of 5 boys, although they only released there debut single 'All time low' which reached number 1 as well as their new release 'Glad you came' being their second number. The band are signed to the UK label Geffen a subsiduary of Interscope records. The track was released in July 2011 as a pop/dance track and was directed by Director X.

1. Opening shot is an extreme long shot of the sun going down on the sea that then straight cuts into a long shot of the band sat on a cliff edge with the sea beneath them (side angle) 
2. Text appears on screen in the sky reading 'The Wanted' in bold capital font. The shot then cuts to a medium shot from the opposite side of the group showing all their faces in a life signifying togetherness and friendship a key characteristic of a boy band/group also in the sky again appears the tittle of the song in the same white bold font 'Glad you came'.
3. There is then another medium shot of all the band standing in a group together (frontal shot) in front of a mud/clay wall signifying a foreign maybe spanish or greek country and that they could be on holiday together. The band member Jay (who some would say is the lead singer) is central of the shot) there is then a close up of him after as he sings. 
4. Close up of one of the other band members anchoring the idea that the members compete for close ups although they are generally split equally in boy bands unless there is a dominant member for example Robbie Williams in Take That before they split up and he was the favourite (,i18n%3Dtrue&cp=8&gs_id=s&xhr=t&q=robbie+williams&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbo=u&tbm=vid&source=og&sa=N&tab=wv&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=2376e85787c677ed&biw=1280&bih=843) .
5. There is then close ups in a row of all of the members futhering anchoring my point. Before they all come together in a medium/long shot of the band.
6. There is then a long shot of the band from behind showing them sat down at the edge of a cliff looking out to the sun setting on the sea. The Director is shown in the same previous font in the shadowed section in the shot the shot the fades to black.
7. The track picks up from what seems like a slower song to more of a party song anchoring the idea of a holiday with a medium shot of a boat on the water where you can just see some of the band mates and a girl sat on the front deck of the boat before flashing images of the group walking towards the edge of some rocks like they are out to jump of which carry connotations of a 'lads holiday' which quickly changes to a mediu shot of the boys walking down a busy street giving away more signifiers of the typical lads party holiday.
8. There is then a deutch angle shot of max the main singer of the band in the sea with a girl sat on his knee in swimwear (male gaze theory) and then there is a long shot of the girl jumping off the rocks inot the sea topless which carries sexual connotations and a flash of a close up of a sign reading 'IBIZA' followed by another medium shot of the band walking in a line together highlighting togetherness of the bad aswell as signifying friendship. 
9. Because of the narrative that has been used when thinking of location there is a sudden burst of very fast paced editing of shots of people in Ibiza for example there are close ups of womens chest i bikinis and small clothing such as crop tops and short shorts, this nudity is stereotypical behaviour on party islands such as Ibiza, choosing this location is not random it has been picked specifically as there are many party islands in Europe. Ibiza is known for the most hardcore nightlife and clubbing which is idealic for the tween/teenage audience that everyone looks forward to doing when theyre older. 
10.There is then close ups of all the bandmembers sat on sunbeds on the beach before it zooms out and cuts to a 5 shot of the group sat together then starightcutting to a medium shot of the band in a club with the lighting effects of green lights and a slight blue tint making the club look more colourful.
11. The camera then goes back to the rocks where there are now lots of girls in their bikini which we predict the boys will go and hang out with. There are then a range of close ups of the members of the band and girls smiling signifying something will happen between them and the boys.
12. Straight cut, There are a range of shots of the boys with the girls at a pool party where there are medium shots of the band and long shots of the pool and loads of people around them. People are shown bombing in and behaving like teens and youths which is done purposly to appeal to the audience.
13. There are then close ups of each of the boys with 'their girl' from earlier shots getting closer, non of the girls are wearing much clothing other then bikinis and short dresses. One of the wboys is in the bathroom with the girls and they are shot in a close up of them looking into eachothers eyes. There is then a long shot of the couple getting very close and she puts her leg up and around him carrying sexual connotations.
14. The music slows down which signifies the party is over and didint last forever before a range of shots of people asleep on lilos and inflatable chairs in the pool which is a bit of a joke and the shots the fade out to one of the main charcater max looking and smiling at some girl signifying interest and that it wasnt just for one night.

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