Thursday, 23 February 2012

KM - Possible Magazine Ideas

Although this Beyonce advert is not for her album, or Destinys Child's magazine advert it is infact advertising her perfume range.

The pose, is a very powerful strong status that her fans know is a typical famous and well known fact of Beyonce and the image she often gives off. The clothing is revealing and therefore does apply to the male gaze, although I don't really want to use this for my magazine as I believe you can still get a male audience behind you without the use of the male gaze. With Beyonce looking straight at you it gives a almost personal, intimidating feel towards you, however in a good way, as in you will feel more strong, confident and powerful if you wear her perfume brand.

Her clothing is in relation to the page layout in general, with the 'laser' looking light beams crossing the page, the clothing is also quite sharpe and bright. In particular i notice this witih the common theme of the warrior look from the clothing and light beams relate.
The colour scheme all round is blue, i love this effect as it works well with the perfume bottle being blue, and myself and Sophie have both agreed on the colour scheme for our digipak to be blue . The different contrasts work well by also standing the page out by using the colour blue and the diferent lighting is eye catching.

The very little text on the page gets the the point for the viewers as when flicking through a magazine they dont want to have to read paragraphs on end ust too find out the name of the product, what the product is, and what brand it is. All of these factors are stated clearly in white text to stand out even more, as well as the larger font.

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