Saturday, 10 September 2011

Music Video Deconstruction 12: She makes me wana - JLS ft Dev

JLS origionally auditioned on The X Factor, and after beeing beaten in the final by Alexandra Burke scored a recording contract with Epic Records before later signing to Jive Records and have since had five number 1s (including Love You More, for comic relief, The club is Alive, She makes me wana, Everybody in Love and Beat Again) The track is a pop/dance genre released in July 2011 and was directed by Colin Tilley.

1.Opening shot is of the sky then tracks down to Aston one of the band members (long shot) then fades out and there is a close up of his face, orange tint has been applied to signify heat and carry maybe sexual connotations, looks like they are by a camp fire most likly on the beach. There is white text on top of the close up reading 'Colin Tilley presents' before jumping to a close up of another bandmate and text over the top reading 'JLS'
2. There is then a repeat of the shot of Dev reading 'ft. Dev' to signifying she is an even feature to the band in the video. Before jumping to another close up of one of the members of JLS and the same white text is overlayed reading the tittle of the song 'She makes me wana' which fades out to reveal behind it is a long shot of the band (four shot of all members) There is then a medium shot of Dev standing with her arm up and you can see behind her are palm trees with a building next to it signifying hollywood/american setting of the video which links to The Wanted's video 'Glad you came' as they both set in foreign 'party' locations anchoring the rumour JLS of trying to break the US.
3. A shot of Marvin, one of the member of the band, fades in to a full medium close up shot before a straightcut to an arial shot of the band tracking down to a frontal view with Dev flashing in every few seconds. There is then a frontal shot of the band which tracks out to show women dancing in front of them.
4. There is then a extreme long shot of the band mate Aston stood on a rock, which is also a high angled shot making him look dominant, much of the shots are similar to the 'Glad you came' video which then jumps to a medioum long shot of the band on the stage with loads of dancers behind them and girl wearing bikinis as it is also set on the beach. All the band are wearing bright colored clothes so they stand out in front of the audience/dancers beind them which makes it look like a half performance video.
5. As the boys are shown on screen there is some very fast ppaced editing of them from different angles before cutting back to Aston stood on the rocks dancing, he is topless, bringing in the theory of the 'female gaze' appealing to the tweenage and teenage audience which is why the band are so branded (JLS have there own clothing range, poster, calanders, condoms etc. a good choice for the band as they appear to be doing a good thing promoting safe sex)
6. The shot then tracks in and moves fast across his body before a close up of him singing. Then cut back to the performance stage of the band dancing and body popping (high angled long shot) sowing the audience in the background behind them which then moves left to show the buildings in the background ancoring the location to the US instaed of one of the greek part islands before another long shot of Aston on the rocks with the sea in the background, he gets the most shots because he has the best six pack to attract the female audience.
7. The main focus of the video is on the girl in their bikini and on the performance idea, the video is based on three kind of shot, close ups of mainly aston topless, performance shiots of the band and close up and medium shots of girls in bikinis and their chests.
8. The light begins to fade in the video which we see when there are close ups of band members around a camp fire like the beginning of the video. There is then a cut to an arial long shot of the band on platforms in the sea and showing the crowd on the beach all dancing and partying. The camera then zooms towards the crowd that are shown in little clothing with water pistols spraying eachother and hoola hooping carrying sexual connotations, briniging in the idea of the male gaze to bring in the male audience and showing close ups of girls jumping around with close ups of their bikinis.
9. There are then close ups of the boys, competing for close ups before a long shot of them all on their platforms in the sea and the crowd in the bottom corner of the screen making them the dominant ones signifying they are all there to see the band. Smoke effects are also used to signify the lateness that they are partying until (assosiated with teens) aswell as a slight blue tint in the sky to show it is being lit by the moon.
10. There is then an arial shot of dev which tracks down to a medium close up of her, she is leaning on a car to show power and kind of carries connotations of her being masculine which then quickly fades into a medium shot of a girl jumping up and down with her chest basically on shot (used to attract male audience) before going back to a medium close up of her with a blurred background of everyone behind her which could signify drugs and alcahol often associated with the party lifestyle.
11. There are flashing shots of dancers before the shot tracks back up into the air to make her look central and small whilst using the mist effects. The camera then goes back to a medium long shot of her leaning on the car, again with all the audience/crowd behind her making her cenre of attention and standing out from all the other girls behind her, which she is a countertype of your stereotypical girl as she has short hair, lots of tattoos and a kind of mohawk hairstyle. There a a variety of shots that shot this and medium and cloe ups show she also isnt wearing alot (being a cutout swimming costume) 
12. We are then taken back to JLS a long shot of one of the band members on the rocks with an airplane flying above and then long shots of the other band mates stood on the rocks with jet skis in the background on the sea highlighting again the party lifestyle and madness of it all. Previus shot of the part goers are repeated and close up of the band mates all of the video is fast paced editing and doesnt really slow down form when it begins early on in the video.

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