Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Music Deconstruction 6: Born this way - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga otherwise known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta signed with Imprint Records an imprint of Interscope records (a huge us record label with other signed artists such as 50 cent, Black eyed peas, Blink 182, Mary J Blige, Eminem, Diddy, Ellie Goulding and loads more) before capturing the attention of other artists she worked for writing songs (Akon). She is known for her controversial videos and weird ideas aswell as dress sense. The song was released in Februrary 2011 as an electro-pop/dancepop sond it was directed by Nick Knight.

1. The first shot in the video is a medium shot of a large pink triangle on a black background with rainbow colours inside it which looks like a window a unicorns head then appears from the right side of the screen into the triangle lense with glitter.
2. A screen comes down into the triangle making it into a 'V' shape (shown below right)  showing gaga as a manicin looking like an alien like she does in most of her videos such as Bloody Mary and Bad Romance.
3. The camera zooms in further into a close up and lighting effects are used as the triangle flashes and doubles.
4. The camera follows her and the viewer feels like theyre moving back in space with her with lighting effects used in the background of the shots. We then have a front shot of gaga as she lifts her head (medium shot) appearing like an ice queen showing off her new cheeck implants.
the shot tracks out and then there is a straight cut to a sky with stars in the shape of a womb.
5. The track doesnt actually begin until 02:35 in the video making the video 07:20 minutes long. In this time before the track begins all of the visual effects and weird objects appear and there is no real meaning that is easy to understand but that is just typical gaga shes a weird character that has a talent at song writing. The first shot is an ariels shot looking down at dancers on the floor with their heads on the floor on their hands and knees all in underwear which she walks through before cutting into a medium shot of her from the side in her underwear showing all her tattoos.
6. Then there is a long high angled shot of her amongst the dancers, showing her importance in the shot she. There is a medium shot of her walking with a natural expression before she joins the dancers in the same position at the front of them obviously central on screen. Followed by an arial shot of her again also in the same position.
7. Medium high angled shot of her and the two dancers beside her looking up, we then see that they all have pointy shoulder implants and she also has pointy cheeck implants indicating that the video will be about facial deformerties and other physical problems which had been signified by the tittle of the song 'born this way'
8. Gaga and the other dancers suddenly all jump and start dancing, the camera tracks out before having close ups of gaga focusing on her face, which is obviously different. The shot of the 'ice queen' gaga is repeated again tracking in again after being a medium shot to show her sat on a throne the two shots of the dancers and the ice queen are one after the other and the shot of the dancers tracks out in a purposely jerky fashion.
9. There is then another change of costume for gaga when she now is revealed in a long shot with skeleton paint on her face and a pink wig (intertexuality from Nicki Minaj videos such as Super Bass) and a black and white tuxedo appearing from behind a man in the same outfit the shot then tracks in to a medium shot where we see the metal sheeted background which has links to aliens and spaceships a countertype of what she is trying to achieve although the message behind the song still clear accepting who you are no matter what you look like 'you were born this way' so embrace it.
10. Straight cut to a close up of her face and then another change of shot to all the dancers and her huddled together as one object, an action as how she wants the song to be percieved, togetherness and non judgemental in society of what people look like.
11. Straight cut to her in a skin colour outfit so she looks naked but again with deformerties so she has no nipples and genitals in a short haired blonde wig, locked in a glass box as if shes being held there because she looks different as usual very srange mise-en-scene with two plastic heads with no body on either side of hers denoting the others have been killed for being different and seen as a threat. Later shot of her as the ice queen close up of her face looking up but with her eyes closed like she is praying.
12. There is then a shot of the prisoner giving birth to a blue bubble which is a close up and then tracks over to the dancers still in there underwear, before moving to a long shot of just gaga dancing by herself showing others have given up hope but she will keep going to reach equality before the dancers run back onto the set in a long shot then tracks into a medium shot.
13. There is then a close up of the dancers mangled togather in some sort of goo looking like organs in the body signifying society only functions with all of us aswell as making sexual references as all of them are stroking eachother.
14. She is shown in the same triangle a silouette of her riding a unicorn (long shot) before the other shape comes over it and she is a skeleton blowing bubble gum.

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