Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Challenges with creating a female music video

There are obvious conventions of female solo artists videos, with mainly trying to appeal to the audience of teenagers and younger (tweenagers) but the nudity and sexuality to also attract male audiences using the 'male gaze theory' this is a problem if our class or a group in the class decided to do a female solo artist video as theres a level you can go to with some of these conventions that have to be appropriate as the video will be associated with our school. Some of these artists include Nicki Minaj  Rihanna  Beyonce  Lady Gaga and many others. Similar conventions are present in Girl bands with examples such as Girls Aloud, Destinys child, The Spice Girls etc.
In female artists videos that feature male (often rapping/r&b) artists the extent of sexism is shown to be still there although the artists play up to this which shows us they are trying to appear to the male audience to increase sales. These solo artists videos tend to be performance videos that include lots of visual so they can be repeatedly played for youtube hits and success
Men often appear as 'players' and act superior to women in the videos with the women accepting this and acting as a toy of theres simply used for entertainment. A good example of this is California Gurls video by Katie Perry feauturing Snoop Dog (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F57P9C4SAW4&ob=av3e) 
or again in Love sex magic with Justin Timberlake and Ciara when at the beginning (0:05) she is featured in chains.
Bizarre videos are used by female artists such as lady gaga because if a video is talked about in a good or bad way it could become viral, people have more awareness of the video it will get more hits females are especially good at doing this eg Lady Gaga aswell as boyband and rockbands having a narrative video instead of performance onces for example The doors.

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