Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Music video conventions

After looking at a variety different kinds of music videos such a performance, narrative and concept. The general conventions all seem apparent

Performance clips and band shots

Fast-pace of editing takes are usually no longer than 5 


Mainly straight cuts to show mise en scene

Bright lighting

High angle/low angle depending on the tracks genre

Bright colours against black and white background to 

make an object or solo artist stand out


Editing to reflect pace of music

Special lighting effects eg colour

High lighting

Equal division of shots for bands' members unless there is 

a main singer

Whole band shots show togetherness always in boy bands 


No real sound effects

Colour effects – often monochrome (various tones in only 

one colour)

Dubbed sound (re-recording sound and putting it over the 

top ie. lip syncing

Zooming out to show mise-en-scene


Mise-en-scène reflects atmosphere

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