Monday, 9 January 2012

Digipak Ideas

  As a group we have discussed digipaks alot as it is a big factor of the coursework. My idea for our Destiny's Child 'Thought&Emotion' being a potential CD title, is to have the Band in a big dominating picture wich is photo shopped and edited heavily with light (typically pop and highly commercialised) the title and band name will be in glitter, possibly silver and the background a pale blue colour. The back of the digipak will have the list of tracks showing any features and the length of song in italic font smaller than the other text. The background image behind this text will either be Katies idea of lots of words in a newspaper style font such as love, hate, hurt, heartbreak etc or solo images of the band members the glitter theme will be repeated on the reverse of the didpak but track names will appear in a different color maybe gold or pink. 
   Inside the digipak will be two CD trays, one plastic containing the tracks and the other paperboard which will have concert/live footage on of the band. I also want to include a small booklet inside the digipak with pictures of the band, lyric page of the songs and a fan subsciption page.
  Asa will also be making his own digipak so we can compare ideas between the group and then maybe combine what we agree on if we have time or choose one of them. Katie will be working on my digipak with me as I want to put quite alot into it. Pictures will be uploaded later of our progress.


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