Monday, 23 January 2012

Meet 'Destiny's child'!

Melodie Abraham (left) is also a media student and does alot of dance outside of school so we thought she would make a good candidate to be in out music video and wouldnt be shy when having to be involved in a short dance sequence we're planning to put together for filming tomorrow. She will be wearing a white dress with silver heels standing out from the other two as she will be playing Beyonce.

Annie Cutillo (right) will also play one of the band members and has also done alot of dance such as poledancing so she will be able to 'throw some shapes' haha when filming tomorrow. She will also be wearing and white dress but with black heels. Annie will play Kelly Rowland.

Sophie Dixon Unfortunatly since our other actress has too much work on with exams at the moment I have had to take on the rold of Michelle Williams during filming tomorrow although judging by the majority of Destiny's Child video she takes more of a back seat than the other two Beyonce in particular which is why I thought i should be her and I have alot less dancing experiance tan the other two so ill just have to do my best.

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  1. surely pic of band member they're acting as wud help?
    try to leave MUCH less blank space: move 1 pic to R for example/use caption tool - see new blog post on this...


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