Monday, 7 November 2011

Comparing Maximum the hormone - What's up people and Greenday - Boulevard of broken dreams.

Geendays - Boulevard of broken dreams was directed by Samuel Bayer who is also an auteur (eg. Ravana - Smells like team spirit) The video was released in 2005 and was not shot digitally
+ The audience for he music video is 15-24 and secondary audiene people who are simply a fan of the punk/rock genre.
+ Their previous song release Holiday which may of influenced the shot choices such as the band walking around the streets of LA and then the desert.
+ The video consists of three men (the band members) infront of a screen (unauthodox)  which is meant to look unrealistic and cheap and a lo-fi asthetic look as the band dont want to be a corporate sell out and want to appear indie although they are signed to Sony Entertainment.

Maximum the hormone - (Whats up people) are a Japanese metal band. Key pioneer being heavy metal bands in alternate to Maximum the hormone EZO and Loudness.
+ The target audience for the band is 15-24 and secondary audience is those who are a fan of the new metal genre, for example New Biscuit as they are the main band in this specific genre which came about in the late 90's which critics have not just shunned but claim to have hatred for.
+ Binary opposition created between the band and another woman in the video who is by herself whereas they are in a group together. The woman is often singled out by low angled shots and has less closeups than the other band members.
+ Fish eye lense is used which could signify entity.

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