Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Controvesty over Rihannas new music video - We found love

We found love
released: 19th October 2011.
director: Melina Matsoukas.

The director of this music video was recently slammed for by antirape campaigners who claimed the video showed a female (Rihanna) being posessed by a man and is too similar to most domestic cases although the director has recently hit back at these claims saying 'We love to do provocative imagery' and 'It's really just about it being toxic, and they're on this drug trip and that definitely plays a part, but I think it's also about being triumphant over those weaknesses, and she leaves him. It's not trying to glorify that type of relationship. The bad parts of it, that's what you don't want. In the end, her leaving, it represents her getting that out of her life'

Rihanna herself has also spoken about the video "It's probably one of the deepest videos I've ever done. It's all about love and love being like a drug. You definitely get that from this - the good feeling of it and the dangers of it. That's what this video's about."

'We Found Love' is Rihanna's new single with Calvin Harris and is the first to be taken from her forthcoming album, which is released in November'

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  1. Useful example
    You've several good posts on issues around fem representations; good topic for a group vodcast or even an individual vodcast


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