Monday, 7 November 2011

Nicki Minaj - SuperBass.

 The video was directed by Chris Cunningham who is known for directing strange dance videos and was realeased earlier this year.

- All the girls in the video are dressed like barbie dolls and dont look like real people, they look highly animated which pink hair and all have nice figures.
- They also wear very short denim shorts in part and they are not fully zipped up carrying sexual connotations and signifying nudity. Although this outfit also signifies the blue collar worker and females becoming masculine.
- The White T-shirts and blue cutoffs signify the british male and the working class. The Doc Martin boots also have been used to challenge gender theories as is the pink farrari, motorbike and plane.
- Melting ice cubes and pink ice bucket with a bottle of pink champagne and glasses are obvious fallic imagery and signify male genitalia which are all very unsubtle sexual signifiers.
- There is also a physically fit black male which is used for the male gaze and objectifies his body showing his abs and top half of his body as most male rappers would do with females in their music videos. He is acting female which again is done to challenge gender stereotypes. The two have switched roles, she is playing the male role in the video and he is playing the female role. Nicki pours the thick pink liquid onto his chest signifying ejaculation anchoring the idea that the genders of the two have been swapped and that the video is all about gender and brings in the theorists Judith Butlers idea that gender is not fixed we perform gender for the benefit of others.
- These videos have become more promenant since MTV first started playing music videos in 1981 and has since become the norm.

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