Sunday, 4 March 2012

CD Disc design - Example Three

I was surprised how plane the CD design for the Girls Aloud single 'The Show' was. The CD is all black and white (something Asa has been wanting to do our digipak like) there is only one image of a directors cutting device on it which is also in black and white. This is a countertype of what you would expect as the girls a a bunch of singers not actresses although this obviously is linked to the name of the album and track one on the track listing, which only contains two songs 'the Show' and the later released single 'Jump' although this is a remix of the origional track. The track listing is shown on the cut thing aswell as the date the single was released underneath. In a box next to the image there is a box containing small font explaining again the full rights go to the distributor and record label which is again, Polydor the same label Hear'say were signed to owned by Universal Music Company. Below this there are four logos; one with an image and then the name GirlsAloud, another saying Aloudsound which is researched and found that it is the name of the official Girls Aloud fan site, Compact disc digital audio (which has been featured on all of my examples), and the last the letters GA inside a triangle which looks like the one which usually contains film age ratings.

This is the front cover of the single 'The Show' it is quite plane for a Girl band's cover but as the band has recently been put together before this, it names the members and is quite 'cutesy' which matches with the idea of putting a fan site in the bottom right corner in the hope that the band would become bigger and more well known. The 'GA' in the traingle sticks with this idea and is quite fun rating themselves as just the band quite a simple idea, the green obviously means suitable for anyone which may imply that the band are trying to appeal to all audiences and arn't marketing themselves specifically or to one core audience although obviously they don't appeal to all audiences.


  1. 1st off - you didn't ask to borrow these; i was looking to use them in a lesson and couldn't understand where they'd gone... (get them back in!!!)
    2nd - think more carefully about the semiotics of the main image (ask the other 2 if you don't get what i'm about to drive at...): it carries connotations of power and control, a positive representation of fems for their mainly fem aud...

  2. obviously post title is unhelpful?!
    Dpak GENRE eg3: Girls Aloud

    I'll repeat my prev comment: "Missing a key point, applying semiotic analysis, here
    The director's chairs signify artistic control (which is simple misrepresentation of the reality of male-controlled girl bands such as this)
    BUT the clothing denotes youth and signifies a vaguely sexual, and certainly decorative, element (as do the facial expressions: light, frothy; NOT serious artists)
    Of course they're rebelling against straitlaced masculine norms by sitting backwards in the chairs
    There's a rich debate to be had here over potential feminist and post-feminist readings"


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