Thursday, 15 March 2012

Draft Evaluation Question 3

What have you learnt form your audience feedback?

Defining audience:

- 15-24 core audience.

- General fans of the Genre and Destiny's Child are our secondary audience.

- Audiences may be interested in Romantic comedy films.

- Fans of mass and mainstream music such as R&B, Hip hop and Rap.

- Audience may read magazines such as More, Now and Heat.

- The male audiences have been brought in as we have applied the male gaze theory to our music video dressing our band members in short shorts, low cut tops and tight leggings a swell as high heels.

To get audience feedback we have used a variety of methods such as posting our rough cut music video on Facebook, Destiny's Child forums/fan sites, YouTube and getting feedback from the class. Feedback from face book and the class were all from people within our target audience age range although some were male. Before we posted this rough cut we knew there was a series of problems with the footage which we knew the audience would pick up on but their viewing brought up points we had not yet recognised including a lack of shot variety and certain clips not making sense although we already knew this and were behind so were under pressure it showed used us how receptive the audience are. We dismissed some feedback which we did not agree with such as having a shaky shot at the beginning purely because we didn't think we would have enough time to re shoot but then realised it was essential as it did look rubbish and re-shot the footage.

- I will target each of the three texts individually.

- 1 draft and 1 roughcut - expain all of the feedback points made and what we needed to do.

- Before and after shots of the video after we have made changes from any negative feedback.

- Show when we ignored or disagreed with any of the feedback instead of just not making changes.

- An overview of all the feedback we have recieved and what was most useful.

- How important or limited we thought the feedback was.

- Is our final cut all of our work or did we change vast amounts of it due to audience feedback.

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