Thursday, 15 March 2012

Draft Evaluation Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

THE TASK: to produce a portfolio of three productions including a music video (main text) plus two ancillary texts:- a digipak and a magazine advertisement for the digipak. We have all come up with our music video ideas independantly.

Magazine Ads:

The band name is shown in bold text to make it stand out, this is key if the background of the advertisement is busy as the audience want to know what the ad is as soon as possible before losing interest. A good example of this is the Destiny's Child cover for Rolling Stone magazine.
They provide realise dates for tours and CDs. We found a advert advertising the fan club and releasing tour dates if readers signed up to a particular fan site.
Newspapers or magazines often give the products a star rating out of 5.
Band information and band websites, so people know where they can find out more information on the band.
Record label information and a copyright statement.
Band image or cd image.
Websites related to the band are shown such as there Twitter name and Facebook page.
The singer or band dominates the advertisement. Female bands or solo singers in particular often go into advertising beauty and cosmetics (Beyonce releases perfume scents annually aswell as being a Loreal girl advertising a new lipstick shade)


Made from paper board which is recyclable and therefore more environmentally friendly than a CD.
The band name is usually clear on the front unless there is a symbol representing the band.
Band image or print on the front, usually recognisable.
Website information and band website for people to find out more information.
Band and album name on the side, including category number and company logo.
A brief description of the band or a lyrics sheet in usually found on the inside booklet. This provide you with information.
There is often a leaflet inside which may show lyrics of each song included or photos of the band in performance usually ie. some use festival photos.

Music Video:
They tend to include both a mixture of performance and narrative. Sometimes the artist will be the centre of the music video and the camera will follow them an example of this are pop artists such as Britney Spears and Katy Perry.
Shot variety. Tracking shots are commonly used to create a moving flow for slower songs. Pop videos mainly use longs shots of the female on screen for the male gaze although they may also use close up of breats, legs and , lips and eyes. On the other hand, Indie bands use close ups of the main vocalist and close ups of the instruments.
Lip syncing is commonly used to portray the sense of a performance going on.
Music videos usually feature jump cutting and the footage is usually used to match what is going on on screen.
The mise-en-scene is usually selected to match the genre of the band e.g. a metal band would use some sort of warehouse to create an isolated feeling.
Fast paced editing is used although some artists are known to challenge this creating one moving-shot videos like I previously made reference to in a deconstruction Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song.

Conventions in our texts:

Mag Ad:

- Prominant image of the band and then seperate photos down the right side making it look like photo booth picures

- Large band name

- Release date of the digipak.

- Logo of a retailer where the digipak will be available.

-Twitter and Facebook addresses shown at the bottom right so the audience are able to get more information on the band and updates

Music video:

- Fast paced editing.

- Both narrative and performance aspects have been applied.

- Shot variety, we have encorporated long shots, extremem, long shots, medium, medium close ups, close ups and extreme close ups.

- Lip syncing by our band members.

- Mise en scene is relevant to genre eg. R&B breakup track.


- Digipak is linked to the other texts for example the black and white themes which have been used for the flas backs in our music video are used in the digipak made by Asa.

- Shot variety, we have three shots as well as single long shots and low angled shots although we also would like to encorporate a close up of the band members feet into the digipak onto one of the interior panels.

- Made from pale blue paper board.

- The band name is prominant and bold on the cover with silver and purple

- The band image is on the front of the digipak.

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