Monday, 11 July 2011


Censorship is a huge factor when considering the idea of a music video, the last thing you want is your music video to a newly released track to be branded by officials as 'offensive'. The use of drugs, sex and violence should be considered or not included if clarification is needed. The question springs to mind is if artists should be limited as to what they can produce for their own music video? is this fair? Understandably there are arguments for and against this view because children view music channels throughout the day more than anyone else on the planet. Should their minds be protected from what an artist wishes to produce or should parents limit what their child watches, what people seem not to understand is that music videos are not real life, they arnt the way the celebrity actually lives and should not be treated as this giving children the wrong impression.
I think that its unfair to say that music videos should be banned if the include innapproprate content as most sucessful individuals in the industry have a tendency of doing wacky things eg. Lady Gaga and 'the meat dress' caused a huge upraising in the media mainly from animal rights who branded her as \wful and a disgust to the feelings of others although surprisingly nothing was mentioned about Chers outfit who presented her with her award in the night who plain and simple looked like a stripper.This year videos such as S&M by Rihanna and Gagas videos have been banned ( the 2 artists seem to get more stick for their sexy but creative videos then any other artists when typing banned music videos in youtube from this you can see the government seem to be more concerned with sexual refereences and behaviour rather than other bad references such as drug use or violence although understandably these kind of videos come about less often.

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