Thursday, 14 July 2011

New MiniVid: Sharp dressed man re-make (ZZ Top)

For our mini-vid our group (Me, Sam Pollock, Faye Higgins, George Gamble and Alex Mccluskey) will be doing a re-make of 'Sharped Dressed Man'. We wanted to do it quite simply and decided to do a similar version to the origional video. We've have just produced a story board and will be filming tomorrow. Instead of the old-school red car used in the video we'll be using a newer renault clio to make it a bit more fun. We were going to have instead a man driving a car (our friend Jack Margerison, who's car it is) driving to school, in the back seat they'll be three girl (probably me, faye and anyone else who volenteers to be in it out of our class) there will also be point of view shots of the driver looking in his mirror at the girls in the back seat. We will then do a range of shots outside the car which will be long/extreme long shots to show the setting similarly to the video. We will also have a range of shot types of the red car, as the video is long and we are changing it. It is going to be hard as we only have lunch time to shoot it and we have a lot of footage to get in this time. We will also need to make sure we have the right clothing for the girls to wear.

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