Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Today we filmed the Britney Spears 'Hit me baby one more time' remake. I was in a group with George, Harry, Faye, Sam Pollock, Alex and Sam Boyes although he was away so we filmed his shot of being Britney yesterday by the lockers.
We found it hard as a group because there was limited time to film the shots although we had less to film then the others groups doing the first section in the classroom. There was 162 shots in total and all together the two classes filmed nearly all of them apart from a few which were similar and we didn't have time to shoot we will just be copying and putting them in place.
The organisation of our group wasn't very good as loads of people forgot there costumes so whoever was Britney in the shot had to swap with the person before. Also we forgot some key equipment that we needed for the shot of the teacher in classroom such as the glasses chain and the brown short wig for the teacher as well as a brown dress suit.
After i completed the call sheet yesterday the group didn't really follow it that well so people were starting a group of shots that were similar, moving on and then going back to the first ones which wasted time and meant we had to do more costume changes.Instead we should have followed the call sheet as it was written out on the sheet, this would of saved time.

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