Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Potential problems with re-shooting 'Hit me baby one more time'

The video 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears is based over three seperate locations; a classroon, corridoor and gym all of which we have access to so individuals or differnt group will be assigned a location to film.
  • The idea of the video is based in a school where other pupils are involved in a dance routine, for this we will need a lot of people but our class combined with 12D will have enough people for the set.
  • Make-up Britney Spears make up and clothing is significant to the idea of the video, her being a young girl in her teens in an american high school so we will need typical schhol girl clothing such as pleated short skirts, knee high socks, white shirt and a grey cardigan if we want the audience to be able to recognise what we are trying to do. Britney also wears quite natural make up but then she has a redish tone colour on her lips to signify sexualty.
  • Lip syncing. In last years work the year above seemed to be overall quite good at lip syncing which can be a difficult task. When we're filming we're going to play the song off someones phones or ipod out loud to make it easier for the person to remember the lyrics.
  • Permission to shoot in the classrooms on coridoors and in the gym to get all three of the settings in the video. Last years class managed to film in certain areas.
  • Choreography - The origional version of the song involves lots of dancing with large groups of people that will of been hugely rehersed, we want to make our re-make as similar to the origional as possible which will involve assigning afew people as choreographers but definatly including Melodie Abraham as she does loads of dance outside of school.
  • CLOTHING AND MISE EN SCENE. Is a huge factor we want ours to be better then last years so girls involved can easily provide clothing to wear to shoot (eg. School skirts, white tied shirts, long socks and black shoes the girls also have a clothing change!) but boys will also have to remember to bring clothing that looks like what the boys wore on the origional (tracksuit bottoms, trainers, vest tops etc.) Balls and other gym equipment will also need to be used in the last location of filming because we want to create a sense of realism and really make it as much as the origional video as possible.

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