Monday, 11 July 2011

My fave video! I loveeee this video of Christina Aguilera. I used to listen to her when i was younger and thought she was amazing, kind of my idol. I love the power she has in the video especially as a woman. Shes used her sexuality in the right way i feel because she never fades into the background even with so many people in the shots she is always centre of attention. Her body is amazing and she knows how to use it, using the male gaze theory to get hits and so people remember the song is clever although i know this theory is always used in the industry. 
Growing up i think its important to have role models and i remember I was always listening to her and Britney Spears both powerful women I feel there isnt really a role model in the industry at the moment for younger children as they look up to power, some people may disagree and say its Cheryl Cole now but I'd disagree I think she has portrayed herself as weak especially in the media which is the opposite of what the kids of today need. The album Stripped by Christina released around the same time is one of the best albums ive ever bought with more iconic songs such as Beautifful (
I think its so unfortunate about what Britney Spears became under the pressure of the media and with the world watching her. She came into the industry at such a young age and was then signed with Jive Records in 1997 and released her debut album Hit me baby one more time in 1999 everything suddenly took off so quickly and unexpectedly.

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