Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Outfits for Britney Spears re-make Hit me baby one more time.

1.First outfit in the video is also in the corridoor of the school. She wears a white tied shirt, grey cardigan, black pleated skirt and hair in plaited pig tales with fluffy bobbles and ribbon as well as knee high grey socks and black shoes.

2. She wears cropped pink gym top with white trousers and trainers although the hair has changed from plaited pig tails to half pigtails and back ground dancers are encorporated again but mainly male in this section wearing sports clothing eg. Tracksuit bottoms, trainers and t-shirts or vests.

3. Finally inside the gym she wears cropped yellow gym top, red jogging bottoms and white trainers and her hair has changed slightly again into a half ponytail women dancers now in the background like the first shots all in grey jogging bottoms mainly hair down and cropped gym tops or t-shirts.

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  1. Excellent detail, and nice use of stills Sophie!


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