Wednesday, 8 February 2012

AN - Altered narrative ideas for the music video

Today I spoke with my Media teacher concerning problems with filming and he suggested that due to problems getting actors, our group needs to alter the idea a bit. Here's a list of points he made concerning this:

  • Use the Year 10 cafe area to film the restaurant scene and use props such as cutlery, plates and food etc.
  • Have romantic conventions such as guy pouring drinks for each other and pulling a chair out for the girlfriend to sit on.
  • Have a total of 3 or 4 dates with the last date being the argument.
  • Cross cut shots during the argument to show conversation between couple.
  • Have one of the dates be a picnic, possibly to add humour due to the snow.
  • Have the boyfriend blindfold the girl and take her to the restaurant.
  • Linking in with the picnic point, denote the couple as ignoring all of the negative annoyances in life.
  • The couple meet each other by accidently bumping into each other, dropping their phones and end taking the wrong phone. (Have to be the same make/brand)
  • One of the dates could be at the riverside with the couple feeding some ducks.
  • Could use some extras for the restaurant scene to make the place seem more lively and add to the realism.
  • Have a scene where the couple are cooking and being playful at the same time.
  • I need to use the codes and conventions of rom-coms to make this idea work.
Looking through this list of ideas, I will implement most of them into the video and maybe abandon the idea of a third actor.

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