Thursday, 23 February 2012

Editing decissions within the first minute of the music video

 Throughout the first minute of footage for the music video there have obviously been decissions that we have made. We decided to use a shot of Mel that is a straight forward medium shot from the front we wern't origionally going to include this shot but due to the bright light shining down on her we thought it looked high end and glamourous a key convention in pop and mainstream chart music in general so we have now included it.
 There is also a section of the video in which Katie and James the girlfriend and boyfriend are sitting at the dinner table talking and laughing we origionally thought that this clip was too long and because marks are awarded fr shot variation we should cut it down or split it and have a section of performance inbetween although Asa's argument that the clip should be included in full because it flows well and shows the couple looking natural and creates a sense of realism which we agreed was a fair point. Many other decissions were made as we have loads of footage that we could of used although as it is is simply a rough cut we have time to change smaller decissions in the video later. We have now handed in RoughCut1 which is a minute long to Dave and he is going to play it to the class tomorrow so we can get some feedback.

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