Thursday, 16 February 2012

AN - Shooting 16/02/12

Today we did some more shooting. During this session we got our very own Katie to star as the girlfriend since we had trouble finding a replacement for Francesca and we've abandoned the third role because of time constraints. As for what we filmed, we took care of the last date sequence and the break up itself.

We used a variety of shots to during filming. These included, high angle, low angle, over the shoulder long, mid and shot-reverse shots. By doing this, we are able to show a variety of shots with our video so that we aren't lacking.

As you can see here in this image, this is our attempt at the broken frame (it's the a cheap one from Boyes so don't ask about the lack of an actual frame).

With the break-up, last date and boyfriend's break-up aftermath filmed, all we need to film now is three more date sequences and the girlfriend's aftermath and we're done.

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