Monday, 20 February 2012

Digipak layout

As we have decided to make two prototype digipaks, Asa making one and me the other my prototype is nearly finished with just the glitter to add on top of the text. I have already made one digipak although i didnt use a stencil when using the glitter pens which just ruined the effect and it looked messy and unprofessional so ill buy some stencils tomorrow and finished post with pictures of the digipak will be uploaded tomorrow. I went for quite a simple design like mine and katies plan pictures with pale blue paperboard Destiny's Child in large glitter font at the top of the cover and a photo of the band below, the back of the digipak features a photo of destinys child from behind although id like to change this to a picture of our cast of Destinys child taken from behind them holding hand and walking into the distance.
Inside the pigipak features the words associated with relationships and love in the centre which will be in black and white like newspaper text and then the two cd cases will be either side the left one featuring the songs by Destiny's child which arnt upbeat but slower and the right side cd contains our music video. Track listing will be shown on the left face when looking at the digipak from the back


  1. sounds interesting - if you're re-doing this, take several photos as you do to put together a brief, simple vodcast on how you constructed your digipak. such shots evidence the work you did, and help R+P marks, and will be useful for the Eval
    a vodcast doesn't have to be anything more complicated than stills with a voiceover (you can edit the length a still is on screen easily + re-record a voiceover until you get it to fit


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