Friday, 10 February 2012

AN - Digipak feedback

Today I got feedback for my prototype digipak and although, the physical look was praised (i.e. the product being a 6-panel fold out with disc sleeves I got quite a bit feedback concerning the look of it.
  • Use more ICT skills. i.e. layering
  • The two inside middle panels have a long shot of the band members.
  • Smaller text
  • Represent emotions in the digipak.
  • Across the three inside panels, we have three different shots of a champagne bottle with a picture of Michelle on the bottle.
  • Next we have the bottle with a picture of Beyonce's face along with two filled up wine glasses.
  • In the last shot, the bottle has Kelly's face on it and the bottle is empty with an empty glass and a broken one.
  • Background is too dull.
  • Feet on the panel behind the main one.

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  1. Doesn't make much sense to repost on Asa's own design - at least not without making this clear in an added CAPS LOCKED line at the top of any such post
    It makes sense to me that even if your outer panels are very different that all three of you use the champagne bottle idea (and share the production); for just two panels 1=just opened bottle + 2 glasses and 2=empty + 2 glasses, 1 smashed


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