Saturday, 15 October 2011

Britney Spears - Womanizer

Basic details about the music video:
- Lots of shot variety and fast paced editing.
- Britney is fully naked in the music video and lies on her back in a sauna, she is sweating and has wet hair carrying sexual connotations used to bring in the idea of the male gazeand male audience becoming the secondary audience.
- Uses Gratifications model, the audience creates their own meaning. The video may be aspirational for the female audience saying to the audience 'this is the body you should all have' her body is objectified and broken down into a number of shots, a:
feminist critique on the video would be that it is sxist and exploiting women
a post feminist critique on the video would be that the video is used to show that women are in control of their sexuality and are strong, assertive and in control.
- Britney is oiled up with could signify sweat and sexual connotations.
- There is a binary opposition between the two Britneys one in a steam room/sauna oiled up and naked and the other being the classic dull job of a secretary signified by the unfashionable thick square black glasses, she also wears a long pencil skirt which signifies professionalism and the blouse and pearl necklace signify a degree of sophistication. She also has short black conservative hair.

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