Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Marking criteria put into practice

Confessions - We are the Ocean. (Lucy's edit)
We have been asked to look at last years A2 coursework and given an idea of the marking criteria listed below. The task is to mark each section of the music video production in the field we see as suitable.

The production marks are given:
Music video - 40%
Digi-pack - 10%
Digi-pack magazine advertisement - 10%
The examiner will mark each of the following by either:
- Excellent
- Proficient
- Basic
- Minimal
and categories include:
1. Holding a shot steady where appropriate: Excellent
2. Framing a shot: Proficient
3. Using a variety of shot distances: Proficient
4. Shooting appropriate material: Proficient
5. Selection of mise-en-scene: Proficient
6. Editing so meaning is apparent: Excellent
7. Using a variety of shot: Basic
8. Using sound with images and editing appropriatly: Excellent.

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