Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Examples of weak music videos.

We have been asked to select music videos that we consider as being weak. The main aspect that I think is important in a music video is to have extensive shot variation I find music videos with little shot variationcan be very boring especially with lack of lighting effects and other aspects that make the music video interesting. The idea of music videos is to entertain the audience and I find music videos with not narrative to be sometimes boring, a mix of both narrative and performance is key to me as a viewer. Also, an artists aim should be for their music videos to go viral, to get maximum hits and poentially awards for their work. You wont to make a music video to get a specific idea or theme across and not just because you see that you have to make one for a track to become more well known. Examples of  music videos i see as weak are shown below, some of which has been previously discussed.

Sean Kingston - Party all night (sleep all day) which I have previously blogged on was released in December 2010.

The reason I dont think it is a good video as this kind of party scene video has been done so many times in music videos, so its just not very interesting anymore although it is supposedly targeted at teenagers aged 15-24 it really isnt anything special and I actually find it annoying that directors repeat the same ideas so often in music videos, be a bit origional!
The lighting effects are good although it's all so false and you can tell has been produced with the highest level of equpiment, the shots are all very flat as technologies have been used not simply some tracking the camera manually. I also think that the text that appears on screen is very childish and cartoon like and should appear in tweenager music vids although this has been done simply to bring in the younger audiences. I just think music videos should be more origional especially when there are so many new and up and coming artists it should be competitive it is similar to a previous video Yeah by Usher but not as good although it also has similarities with Akons Smack that video, all of which using blue tints and part performance and narrative ideas and trying to percieve themselves as 'pimps'.

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