Thursday, 6 October 2011

Today at the Bradford Film Festival - what we learnt.

Today we all went to the Bradford Film Festival when we arrived we all went to check on the game systems before going to our first class Basic Editing which involved using final cut pro similar to the software we're using Final cut express, although we already knew most of the tools to use it was a good recap session and we learnt shortcuts to the system instead of just using the mouse all the time.
The task in this session was to create a short documentary learning to import and capture footage onto Final Cut Pro using plugins and finally export the project. Useful sites for information is found on MacProvideo providing easy guidelines to the programme and step by step instructions about how to use it.
    The general set up of the programme once opened consists of the top left window is the browser window used for simply storing clipsbefore editing. The bottom window is the timeline where footage and audio are shown ready to be edited here with a tool bar on the right hand side. The top middle browser is for viewing clips and where you can apply any effects and the far right window is the canvas window where previously edited clips are shown. There is also a framing advance tool at the bottom of the middle window in which you can move the clip on frame by frame for detailed editing. 

Tools on the key board are also used such as:
I = inpoint (where you want the footage from on a take)
O= outpoint (where you want the footage to stop that your going to use)
A= selecting the cursor
B= selecting the cut tool to split clips or take sections out of a take.

We also learnt that to seperate video and audio you have to select the clip, deselesct the link tool and then resize the audio or clip so that the two can fit togather or with anither clip.

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