Thursday, 13 October 2011

Final decision about music videos

Instead of making my idea for the coursework, I decided to go along with Katie Mallows' idea being the music video Emotion by Destiny's child. I voted for her idea because i've worked with her before when she was in Waxed last year so I know she takes it seriously but mainly because I liked the idea and she had put time into doing her pitch.
The Idea is: To have part narrative and part performance based video with five cast members (three band and a man and woman lead) the chosen song is very easy to relate to a break-up due to the lyrics. The video is going to be shot in three locations including: a cafe, train station and a home/ on the street. The band members will come into each location at separate times and lip sync the lyrics of the song. The song consists of six verses and six bridges, this gives each band member an equal chance to sing but a lead singer who would be taking the role of Beyonce Knowles in the video potentially played by Mel Abraham. 

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