Saturday, 8 October 2011

Final Pitch Idea for Monday

After having absolutly no idea what to do for my pitch, Ive finally decided to do a love song. Im going to be pitching the song Eternal Flame by The Bangles (see right), a song from the bands album Everything released in 1988. The track has been re covered by a number of bands but the most well known version is by Atomic Kitten (bottom)
I have not just looked at this video alone by most of the wellknown classic love songs which most people have heard of such as:
- With or without you by U2
- Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
- Imagine by John Lennon
- Every breath you take by The Police
- Stand by me by The Temptations
- Everything I do for you By Bryan Adams and loads more.

The Atomic version video has much more of a pop feel compared to the origional video. There are three girls in the band at this time and they are all dressed in white signifying an angel like nature. They are in some sort of studio and there are bright blue lights surrounding them. Camera movements are very slow and they is alot of tracking and panning shots. What I have alos noticed from love song music videos is that there is never anything really going on in the videos and lack of differentiation in the shots that they do have which are almost always of the singers themselves lipsyncing.

The idea for my video using this song is to have a young school girl being a sterotypical nerd falling for a cool older guy quite alot older than her. The idea of love at first sight will be prominant as she dosn't even know him and some people would say she really doesnt have a chance. The idea will be different from most love song videos as it will have a bit of a story behind it. To make the video more interesting and abit funny the girl is going to have a rucksack, long skirt and ankle socks glasses and banoculers. There will also be a part performance bit to the video where three girls will be shown as band members in a studio setting lip syncing the lyrics so theres a contrast of performance and narrative to make the video more interesting and to get more people on board and involved with it.

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