Friday, 30 September 2011

Rihanna - Umberella

- Rihanna's clothing signifies sex and nudity, she wears fishnet tights and all black leather-like clothing which even though carries connotations of masculinity is very tight fit clothing signifying sexual power. Although these clothing codes signify professionalism showing she could be in her workplace element carrying connotations of a strip club her hair style also signifies this as it is scraped back.
- She has provocative sexual dance moves in which she includes in most of her videos and performances such as S&M as well as Only girl in the world etc.
- The use of effects in the video is key, with the rain water falling on her and bouncing off her although i am unsure of how it has been done it's a great touch and make her seem like some unknown force and signifies power and supernaturalism
- She is often seen in an array of outfits in her videos, although all of which are mainly small with little material and tight signifying sexual acts and show off her Caribbean figure.

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