Wednesday, 21 September 2011


We've just finished filming the birthday party scene at my house, we decided to do it outside in the garden. I dressed up as the child and we have got quite alot of shots as we were using both HD cameras to film the same shots. Aswell as filming this scene we also had time to film the resteraunt scene in which the protagonist (conor) pushes the table over in the resteraunt, it ended up making quite a mess! but it was really fun to film as props me and George set out mats on the table, knives and folks and bread and pasta aswell as the wine which was a key prop we needed as it allowed us to intoduce Harriet (the waitress) which we needed to do as everyone in the class has to be involved in the video, Faye was also supposed to be in it but she had to go so hopefully we'll be able to fit her into another scene when filming the cell phone sinario and the hotdog bit tomorrow. Conor (protagonist) will also be filming the dark room scenes at lunch in either P Hall or the Drama room; as they both have dark curtains around the stage tomorrow so all filiming will be completed by tomorrow and the editing should also be done ready to hand to Dave for the Birthday sinario and the energy drink scene.
Hopefully everything will run smoothly as it has when people film tomorrow. We took pictures of before filming which should be up tomorrow!

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