Friday, 16 September 2011

Pitch decissions

After everyone had pitched in the class we all voted and reduced them down to two final ideas; Conor O'Loughlins, which was 'Threw it on the ground' by Long Island and Sam Boyes 'Numa numa' by origionally by Ozone.
Sams numa numa video (top) he showed was not the origional video but instead a fat american man who was lip syncing the words of the song, which all of us found funny, his idea was to a remake of that video but instead of having one person doing all the lipsyncing we would take it turns to do it ourselves per shot and add stupid dance moves to make the video funny.
Conors idea that he pitched was to do a similar remake to the Threw it on the ground video(bottom), which consists of one guy going around a city in the US and everyone is trying to be nice to him and do him a favour but instead of politly accepting, he instead takes what they are offering off him and 'throws it on the ground' although a silly idea it is quite funny. The class voted for Conors idea and over next week we will start to film the video in town in Ilkley and have decided since Sams idea didnt win he will be starring in Conors video as the main character who throws all the things on the ground. Although we did vote for this idea we will have to be careful not to throw anything that cant be cleaned up or we'll probably get in trouble with some angry pensioners around town.

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