Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Threw it on the ground filming plan.

In todays lesson we were split into two's and given a sinario from the video 'Threw it on the ground' I worked with Harriet and we were looking at the birthday cake sinario (which begins 1:32 minutes) we will be involved in filming this part tomorrow, we will be doing it tomorrow after school and will be using props such as a table in the background with balloons on it and the cake will be on it before its thrown on the ground we will also hopefully have a 'happy birthday' banner to make it as realistic as possible. We have planned for everyone who has props we are using to bring them in tomorrow so we can go to my house straight from school to film, we picked to film at my house to that we have the outside space also its quite close to school so would be easy to get there and to go back should we need more coverage later on.

The things we decided we will need tomorrow are my outfit (i'll be playing the child in the video whos birthday it is but instead a little girl) wearing a 'fairy' costume so wings, lots of pink to signify stereotypical gender connotations and a tiara which Faye is going to bring in. Conor who is playing the protagonist who in the video origionally wear three outfits will only be wearing one just to make it easier for us and outfit changes arnt really necessary in this case as its only for practice.

The shots we will need to shoot tomorrow for our section are:
- Medium frontal shot of Conor with the birthday banner behind him from shoulders up.
- Low angled shot of the kid (me) looking up at Conor with a party hat on, shot from the side of Conor by his arm looking down at me.
- A close up of the cake falling to the ground.
- Another close up but this time of the cake just before it hits the ground.
- Back to another medium shot of Conor lip syncing 'welcome to the real world jackass'

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