Friday, 23 September 2011

Starting editing

   We have been put into groups of twos and threes to all edit the full video separately so we are all have more involvement in editing. There is Katie and George in my group although Katie is not here today. We have imported all the footage into one project now on Final cut so we are beginning editing, starting this we have noticed it more complicated then first thought to make the transition for using iMovie to Final cut express, everything is more difficult and so much more detailed than iMovie which will just be a case of getting used to. We also have to sync the lyrics in time with the lip syncing as well as choosing which shots we want to use because we took lots of footage so we had coverage for choice.
  We are still yet to shoot the random objects being thrown on the ground because we didn't have time to do it yesterday and wanted to get the more important shots, such as the sinarios completed but we will be doing it on Monday, which is frustrating to keep putting it back because it means our deadline is being put back, but at least we will have the experience of when it comes to the real thing. Still images of what we edit out using the program will be added in later editing posts.

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