Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ideas for music video pitch

We have been told to pitch an idea for a music video to the class and then everyone will vote on who's is the best idea as practice for the final task which will be for the coursework, so kind of a prelim task. 
There has been a lot of thought put into this of what would work and I've narrowed it down to either a band or video that features more then one artists as more people can be involved as we're doing it as a class. The idea I'm going to put forward was going to be 'Party Rock Anthem' (top) by LMFAO although this has already been suggested and thought through by afew people in the class so I thought I'd choose to do something different which is lighthearted an easy to do with a class such as 'We no speak  americano' (bottom).

I will upload a video of my pitch when ive done it although the main points I'm going to use will be:
- It will be easy to remake and we can base the location around town.
- It'll be fun for everyone to do who is involved in the video as the video is quite mischievous
- What we would need to make it a sucessful remake (eg. Outfits including a suit and wedding dress aswell as a waitors costume) which we should be able to get easily.
- Have fun with the video and trying to remake the scenes we can but also open to ideas for parts of it if people have their own ideas about how shots should be filmed as long as everyone agrees.

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  1. Interesting. Vid's based on Charlie Chaplin + his character The Tramp (google if you're unfamiliar!)

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